Neighbourhub will deliver a range of operational, financial and technical benefits to your organisation.

Our innovative neighbourhood performance software gives you the power to analyse, define and measure your housing stock better, leading to timely interventions and informed decision making.

Key benefits to choosing Neighbourhub

  • Boosting your profitability
  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Reducing property turnover
  • Reducing arrears
  • Minimising void loss
  • Reducing repair costs 

Operational benefits

  • Significant positive organisational change
  • Improved stakeholder and customer involvement
  • Improved targetting of resources
  • Increased focus on business critical information
  • Best practice foresight through information history and trend analysis

Financial benefits

  • Make substantial savings in managing your most challenging neighbourhoods
  • Increased profitability across your stock portfolio
  • Increased surplus per property driven by effective benchmarking
  • Reduced repair spend
  • Sustained investment in Neighbourhoods through careful cost management and increased profitability
  • Better targetting of long-term investment programmes

Technical benefits

  • Automated reporting process - reduce manual/time wasted producing reports
  • Single version of performance and financial data
  • Single scalable 'black box' information management infrastructure
  • Ensures information provision does not impact on operational application performance
  • Remove IT bottlenecks whilst maintaining information integrity
Our interactive demo shows you just how much insight Neighbourhub provides. View demo
  The neighbourhood planning approach links analysis, prognosis and intervention in an innovative manner and is a sector-leading initiative.  
Professor Ian Cole & Dr Stephen Green, Sheffield Hallam University