Blackpool Coastal Housing Implements Neighbourhub

Blackpool Coastal Housing (BCH), in support of their commitment to ensuring commercially sustainable neighbourhoods underpinned by service delivery excellence, and creating communities that support tenants to aspire and succeed, selected Neighbourhub as a strategic partner and has now completed the implementation of its own Neighbourhub approach.

The three-year contract between BCH & Neighbourhub, a partnership between Places for People & visualmetrics, commenced with the delivery of a best-practice Neighbourhub Analytical Application, which is now live and supplying trusted information aligned to user demands and in support of BCH’s neighbourhood strategy.

The Neighbourhub Application automates the integration of data from BCH’s source applications, distributing the information required for informed decision making through the Neighbourhub Dashboard, Summary Reports, drill-to-detail and ad-hoc query capabilities.

KPIs include: Surplus Per Property, Rent Arrears & Collected, Turnover, Relets, Voids, Repairs, Tenancy Duration, ASB, Tenancy Breaches, Housing Benefits.

Coaching & transformation services from Neighbourhub’s experienced industry practitioners have supported BCH’s housing teams to understand & exploit the information provided by the Neighbourhub Application, enhancing BCH’s approach to housing service delivery. Coaching services followed the Neighbourhub Methodology’s unique 5-stage process:

• Stage 1: The breakdown of existing housing stock groupings, and the creation of focussed neighbourhood units.

• Stage 2: In year & on-going monitoring of neighbourhood performance against a set of bestpractice housing management KPIs – supplied by the Neighbourhub Application

• Stage 3: The undertaking of annual assessments that rate the performance of all neighbourhoods through a RAG approach, highlighting the areas of focus for the coming period.

• Stage 4: Focussed neighbourhood action planning for poorly performing areas, to support the transformation of the most challenging neighbourhoods.

• Stage 5: Options appraisal where neighbourhood challenges and long-term outlooks demand less conventional thinking and broader discussions with stakeholders BCH & Neighbourhub aspire to drive improved neighbourhood outcomes, through the better targeting of resources & services aligned to tenant, asset and specific neighbourhood needs and the generation of increased surpluses for focussed reinvestment. Neighbourhub will support BCH to focus on the challenges facing its organisation, helping BCH to “inspire people to build better communities”, whilst ensuring service delivery remains cost effective, and mitigating the on-going industry challenges posed by Welfare Reform and rent reductions.

Maggie Cornall, Blackpool Coastal Housing, Director of Operations, said:

“We are delighted to be working with Neighbourhub, as a strategic partner in our drive to continually improve the services we deliver to our tenants, tenant welfare and the communities we serve.

Alongside Neighbourhub’s unique approach and the technology that empowers it, the experience the Neighbourhub team has brought has been fundamentally important in supporting our ongoing transformation. Throughout the engagement, it has been clear they share our vision, values and enthusiasm for driving change.”

Chris Coan, Neighbourhub, Director, said:

“We are delighted that Blackpool Coastal Housing chose the Neighbourhub approach, that the solution has been implemented, adopted and embraced so comprehensively, and look forward to continuing to support BCH’s transformation in what we all know are challenging times for the Social Housing sector.

BCH have some fantastic ideas, a highly motivated team and are ambitious about the future of their communities, and we’re pleased to be a part of their success story.”

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