North Fleetwood: Increased Profitability as a result of Neighbourhub


Fleetwood is primarily a seaside resort with a large proportion of the local economy based on tourism, hospitality and catering located along the seafront. Flakefleet is a large estate in North Fleetwood which was built in April 1993. Places for People own all 117 properties on the estate which comprises of 75 houses, 3 disabled adapted bungalows and 39 flats.

Surplus per Property has been increasing over the past three years however Flakefleet was selected as a Neighbourhood Planning Area due to:

• High repair costs and customers, concern with the repairs service

 • Increasing turnover, reflecting the poor property condition and customers moving to other providers, who have recently refurbished their housing stock in the area

• Antisocial behaviour

Neighbourhub results

The Surplus per Property has increased from £3,044 in 2012/13 to £3,725 in 2014/15 representing an additional £36,972 from 2013/14 and £79,677 compared to 2012/13 figures.

Turnover has reduced over the year from a high of 23.08% at the start of the year, to a year-end low of 14.53%.

There have only been two properties placed on notice in the first quarter.

Re-let times were well under target at 13 days.

Despite the impact of Welfare Reform, Rent Arrears remained below target ending the year at 3.11%.

Universal Credit is rolling out in the area now and will be one of the key priorities.

To read the full Neighbourhood Impact Assessment 2014/15

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