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Rhondda Housing Association (RHA) has signed a three year contract with Neighbourhub, a partnership between visualmetrics & Places for People, to deliver enhanced information insight & best-practice housing service delivery through the Neighbourhub Cloud-based solution & Neighbourhub Approach to housing service delivery.

A set of coaching & transformation services will support Rhondda Housing to enhance its approach to housing service delivery, developing its own Neighbourhub Approach aligned to Neighbourhub’s unique 5-stage process:

 Stage 1: The breakdown of existing housing stock groupings, and the creation of focussed neighbourhood units.

 Stage 2: In year & on-going monitoring of neighbourhood performance against a set of best-practice housing management KPIs.

 Stage 3: The undertaking of annual assessments that rate the performance of all neighbourhoods through a RAG approach, highlighting the areas of focus for the coming period.

 Stage 4: Focussed neighbourhood action planning for poorly performing areas, to support the transformation of the most challenging neighbourhoods.

 Stage 5: Options Appraisal where neighbourhood challenges and long-term outlooks demand less conventional thinking.

Each Stage will be supported by information supplied through the Neighbourhub Cloud-based solution, comprising a best-practice Data Warehouse, which will automate the integration of data from Rhondda Housing’s source applications, and a Performance Management toolset which distributes the information required for informed decision making through the Neighbourhub Dashboard, Summary Reports, drill-to-detail and ad-hoc query capabilities. Neighbourhub Cloud’s design will ensure flexibility, scalability and information delivery continuity throughout changing business & IT conditions.

Through empowering Rhondda Housing’s teams with trusted information, and the embedding of the Neighbourhub Approach to service delivery, Rhondda & Neighbourhub in collaboration aspire to drive improved neighbourhood outcomes, through the better targeting of resources & services aligned to tenant, asset and specific neighbourhood needs, alongside the generation of increased surpluses for focussed reinvestment.

The Neighbourhub Approach will support Rhondda Housing to focus on the specific challenges facing its organisation, the neighbourhoods it manages and tenants it services, ensuring it continues to provide the best-possible service whilst maintaining its resilience through difficult socio-economic times and in a rapidly transforming social housing sector.

Luke Takeuchi, Rhondda Housing Association, Housing Services Director, said:

"Neighbourhub offers something unique to Rhondda Housing and we are delighted to be the first Welsh Housing provider to adopt this solution. The combination of a proven methodology [the Neighbourhub Approach], that has driven tangible benefits for Places for People and which will augment our existing best-practices, combined with the information delivery capabilities provided by visualmetrics as Neighbourhub’s application architects, means they can offer a truly end-to-end solution that spans both the delivery of the information required for confident decision making, as well as the knowledge of how to interpret and exploit that information to drive improved neighbourhood outcomes.

From the detailed scoping exercise, which mapped out how Neighbourhub should be applied in RHA’s context to maximise our success and also forecast the benefits it would deliver us & our tenants, through to the commercial flexibility of the Neighbourhub Cloud Managed Service Agreement, I have had confidence in their commitment to us as a partner and desire to succeed together."

Chris Coan, Neighbourhub, Director, said:

"We are delighted that Rhondda Housing Association have chosen to adopt the Neighbourhub Approach and become the latest organisation to partner with Neighbourhub. The enthusiasm, passion, experience and dedication of every member of RHA’s team has been clear since our first meeting, as has the quality of the service they currently provide to their tenants in what we are all too well aware is a very challenging economic climate and a rapidly evolving sector.

We are delighted that RHA see the Neighbourhub Approach as a valuable addition to their service delivery capabilities and a key step on their continuing journey to excellence. I greatly look forward to what I’m certain will be a highly beneficial & enjoyable partnership."

To learn more about the partnership please contact info@neighbourhub.org.uk




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